Cabbage Palms

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Cabbage Palms was the first and most famous example of this prefab apartment tower design. Initially, the tower was a highly desired place to live for its safety and cleanliness. Neglect and a reduced maintenance budget have stripped the tower of its charm.

Cabbage Palms contains three removable floors with a ladder for room access. The floors consist of the ground floor, apartment level and roof with plant room.

Each of the levels contains an accessible lift area for ease of gameplay and the balcony is wide enough to fit 25mm bases.

This kit suits all 28-34mm games such as Star Breach, Infinity the Game, Judge Dredd or Warhammer 40k

Approx 168 x 172 x 206mm

This 28-34mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.